Workshop The Wow Factor: Elevating Customer Service
08 Aug
Workshop Elevating Leaders: The Supervisor’s Guide to Excellence
20 Aug
Workshop Leadership Retreat: Unlock Your True Potential as a Leader
12 Sep

The Importance of Attending Webinar, Workshop, Training, Seminar, and Conference

Webinar is conducted through live virtual event with 20 participants up to thousands participants. Workshop & training is a program that is held in the classroom, where usually there is 1 facilitator who brings the material in depth with the "how to" details. Training classes are usually 20-30 per class. Conference is a fairly large event, which is attended by many people, can be hundreds to thousands of participants. In conference, usually many speakers deliver material. Seminar is an event similar to a conference, only with a smaller number of participants than conference. Focus of a seminar is "knowledge update" and the development of knowledge in accordance with the theme of the seminar.

It will be very good, if you attend webinar, workshop, training, conference and seminar regularly, because it will increase our knowledge and improve our competence, which is very important to support our careers. Unfortunately, according to research, quite a number of leaders do not have programs to build the skills of their employees. Sadly, some leaders feel they have given room for their employees to develop themselves and support them to develop themselves through training, conferences or seminars organized by professional organizations. In fact, attending skills training programs on an ongoing basis is very much needed for the future of the organization as well.

How can an organization progress if its employees do not have sufficient competence? Former President of the United States, Barack Obama once wrote, "If you think education is expensive, wait until you see how much ignorance costs in the 21st century." Incompetent employees will incur far greater costs, because they must make many mistakes in their work. Below are webinar, training program, conference and seminar, event and workshop that you and your team can attend.

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The Wow Factor: Elevating Customer Service


Rp5.950.000,- Rp5.350.000,- (PROMO)

08 Aug 2024 - 09 Aug 2024 08-00 - 17-00

ZOOM Online

Elevating Leaders: The Supervisor’s Guide to Excellence


Rp7.100.000,- Rp6.400.000,- (PROMO)

20 Aug 2024 - 21 Aug 2024 08-00 - 17-00

Jakarta Hotel di Jakarta

Leadership Retreat: Unlock Your True Potential as a Leader


Rp6.950.000,- Rp6.250.000,- (PROMO)

12 Sep 2024 - 13 Sep 2024 08-00 - 17-00

Jakarta Learning Room - STUDiLMU